Day 1: Buenos Aires

Day 2: Buenos Aires

Day 3: Buenos Aires

Day 4: Buenos Aires

Day 5: Buenos Aires

Day 6: Cordoba

Day 7: Cordoba

Day 8: Mendoza

Day 9: Mendoza

Day 10: Santiago

Day 11: Santiago

Day 12: Santiago

Day 13: Santiago

Day 14: Santiago

Day 15: Easter Island

Day 16: Easter Island

Day 17: Easter Island

Day 18: Easter Island

Day 19: Santiago

Day 20: Valparaiso

Day 21: Valparaiso

Day 22: Return home

4 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. Loved the photo – Kym on the bike, holding the umbrella with one hand, the map with the other, and his feet still on the pedals! Very impressive.

    Catch up with you on your return Kym – want to hear all about Helen’s suit.

  2. Hey the suit isn’t Helen’s its mine. I’ll wear it and you can look at it. I’ve also bought a matching pinstripe umbrella in Tokyo today.

    See you soon.

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